Fran Welch Teacher Education Endowed/Annual Scholarship

This Endowed Scholarship has been created in Dean Fran Welch’s name by Kathy and Steve Parks. Kathy met with Dean Welch, when the dean was serving as the Dean of the School of Education, Health and Human Performance (EHHP) at the College of Charleston. Throughout the next decade, Kathy became involved in roles at the College, in a volunteer capacity, serving on the Teacher Leader Program as a Teacher Mentor and serving as board chair of the EHHP’s Development Council. Simultaneously, Kathy also served on the board for Kids on Point. These programs, two directly related to EHHP and the latter a partnership, Kathy saw, firsthand, the need for male role models in the classroom. Out of immense respect and thanks for the years of Dean Welch’s efforts in education and the Call Me MISTER Program, the Fran Welch Teacher Education Endowed Scholarship was started. Making sure it is endowed allows its impact to be felt immediately.

Steve, Kathy and their three grown children have lived in the Charleston area both part and full-time since 1995. All have attended college in other areas of the country. By choosing the College of Charleston, it allows them to give back to their “hometown.”