Elizabeth Anne Eady Memorial Scholarship

The Elizabeth Anne Eady Memorial Scholarship was established by the family and friends of Liz Eady, Class of 1991, as a celebration of the life of an extraordinary young woman. While Liz died unexpectedly at a very young age, she had already accomplished much in life. Because she had benefited from traveling, studying, and living in Germany, the Elizabeth Ann Eady Memorial Scholarship is designed to help others study there also. Two scholarships may be awarded upon request of the Eady family. To be eligible to apply for the Eady Scholarship, a student must demonstrate financial need (FASFA eligibility), be completing a German Language or German Studies major or minor and wish to study in Germany on an accredited program that has the approval of the College of Charleston faculty. Scholars must demonstrate a genuine joy of learning about the German language. Students may study in Germany during the academic year or summer. While a strong academic record is important, Eady Scholars must also be well rounded and committed to improving German-American intercultural relations. The Eady family will be notified of the recipient, who is expected to keep a journal of her/his experiences and prepare a report prior to their meeting with the Eadys at the end of their studies.

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