Beatrice Stiglitz Scholarship in French

This scholarship in French has been endowed by Professor Béatrice Stiglitz to enable students to study abroad in France or another Francophone country. To be eligible for consideration, students must have declared a French major or minor and have sophomore standing or higher. The recipient must be participating in a study abroad program that the College has approved for academic credit and also have financial need. Preference will be given to students participating in a semester- or year-long study abroad program.
Students awarded with this scholarship are required to submit 2 documents at the beginning of the semester following their travel: a budget showing how funds were expended, including an itinerary of the journey, and journal entries highlighting their trip including a testimonial of how scholarship funds impacted their travels.

Applications must be submitted with 2 letters of recommendation. A faculty panel will select the recipient.
The scholarship value will vary due to the prevailing economic conditions.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit two letters of recommendation.
    • Reference 1
    • Reference 2
  2. What, if any, prior travel experiences outside of the United States have you had?
  3. In addition to the scholarship, how would you pay for your study abroad program?
  4. Have you completed four courses in French or Italian?